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Stone Veneer

The main advantage is that it is compatible with almost all kinds of wall surface materials that are nowadays used for house construction. Surface materials like metal, wood, cement, brick, and gyprock can be conveniently decorated using stone veneer without any compatibility issue.
Natural stones are quite heavy, rendering them difficult to transport and install. Stone veneer, on the other hand, is significantly less in weight and easier to install. For people who wish to install veneer without professional help, this one is the right choice as it provides ease of handling.

The overall cost of stone veneer, which includes shipping cost and cost of stone, is much less than natural stone. Natural stones are heavy and this increases the cost of shipping. Also, natural stones are expensive than manufactured stones. Therefore, manufactured stone veneer is a cheaper replacement to one made up of natural stones.
Stone veneer is flexible and this property makes its installation easy on curved areas. Simple clamps and a vacuum table can be used to install it without any difficulty. It is quite obvious that this flexibility is not available with natural stone.

It is comparatively easy to cut than natural stone which helps in giving it the desired shape and size.
It is available in many shapes and sizes leaving you with several options to choose from. The color of the veneer can also be tailor-made according to the room's decor. In some veneers, no two stones are of the same color and texture imparting uniqueness to the veneer.
It is also used to add to the beauty of a fireplace in a room. Its heat-resistant nature renders it suitable for being used in an area where excessive heat is generated.

Another advantage associated with it is the ease of maintenance. As manufactured stones are non-absorbent and non-porous, they do not require special cleaners and can be easily maintained using regular cleaners at home.
It is made up of hard material which renders it durable and shock resistant. Therefore, once you have installed the veneer, it is sure to last long without any problem.

Changing weather conditions have no adverse effect on it, and its color does not fade away with exposure to different environmental conditions.
Last, but not the least, it gives a wonderful new look to your house.